Artist statement




I am a Dutch sculptor and photographer working in an organic style in a figurative way.


For about 25 years ago, I started sculpting with clay sculptures and designed all kind of furniture. After many years and many clay sculptures, I decided to start making bronze sculptures and that made my interest go more towards art.


  In 2006 after applying for the Academy of Arts (AKI/Artez in Enschede) my interest was very much towards landart. I did interventions in nature and used photography as artform and as documentation for my interventions.


  In my life I've attained my metal skills in the process industry and that's why my progression took me also towards metal sculptures for about 4 years ago.


  The reason my art has to do with nature, is the need for me to search, express and develop a deeper insight in life itself. Therefore my sculptures and photo's embody different angels of live in its own energetic expression. The skills I use, allow me to search in this complexity and translate it into a new language.


It is an exciting commitment to explore and evolve in using nature. As I hope it inspires the viewer to feel that everything is connected.