Elements of the earth

this series I have depicted the elements of the earth. Fire represents fertility to me, everything can grow again, earth represents conflict between people to me, air represents me as a delicate balance, water represents me as symbiosis and ether as something that is not visible but a beauty carries within.


Title: Fire

Edition: 3/8

Material: bronze

Height: 45 cm

fire that gives new life to nature.


Title: Earth

Edition: 3/8

Material: Bronze

Height: 56 cm

Earth that is always fought over by man.


Title: Air

Edition: 3/8

Material: Bronze

Height: 63 cm

air a delicate balance.


Title: Water

Edition: 1/8

Material: Bronze

Height: 26 cm

Water the fertility of life, a symbiosis.


Title: Ether

Edition: Unicum

Material: bronze

Height: 20 cm

Ether an elusive element that is invisible yet knows its beauty.